Distinct & Flavourful

Sea Fever™ Premium Rum is the result of oak-maturing and craft-blending select Caribbean and Canadian rums in our distillery on the historic Guysborough harbour. Please scroll down to learn more about our distinct rums.

Amber Rum

We patiently mature our Amber Rum in wooden barrels by the sea to impart notes of oak, vanilla and fruit to the spirit. Moving from aromas of toasted oak, tropical fruit and vanilla to fig and caramel in the taste, it’s a distinct rum with a depth of flavour. Delicious neat or in a mixed drink, it’s rum made in the finest tradition, inspired by the sea.

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Coffee Maple Rum

We add organic, fair trade Full Steam™ Coffee, local maple syrup and a hint of licorice to create a premium flavoured rum that is uniquely Nova Scotian. Maple sweetness is balanced with coffee, licorice and notes of fig and vanilla for a distinctive taste that’s delicious over ice, in a specialty coffee or mixed in your favourite coffee liqueur cocktail.

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Spiced Rum

We add fig, aromatic cinnamon and vanilla, and a hint of citrus to create a one-of-a-kind, premium spiced rum that captures the seagoing tradition of spicing rum. Smooth and balanced with a subtle sweetness, Sea Fever™ Spiced Rum has a distinctive taste that will make it your daily ration, whether served straight or mixed in your favourite cocktail.

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